Powered by electric, SPX 3000 houses an 1800-watt/14.5amp motor, turning to produce 2030 PSI & throwing out 1.76 GPM of water flow to have an impressive Cleaning Unit (CU) of 3572.8. The machine is perfect to get your dirty jobs done in a jiffy. Easily removes tar and grease from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, rust from steel, caked mud on equipment, and other stubborn gunk and grime.

The company has claimed it as their best selling unit & on the other hand nearly all customers using it has a positive review for the product. Equipped with two 0.9-liter detergent tank, which can hold two different solutions & can be used simultaneously with a knob, situated over the tanks. The long 34” extension spray wand with 20 feet high pressure hose will help you reach places you could never imagine with a scrubber, be it the second floor of your home or the underneath of your truck, if you can imagine a place SPX 3000 can reach it. It comes with 5 different nozzle tips to simplify your work on the ground. (00, 150, 250, 400 and soap) all are coloured & marked clearly. Tips can easily be clipped on or removed. You can adjust or change the nozzle to change the water pressure depending on what you want to clean. Last but not the least TSS or Total Stop System is a great feature which helps save energy & prolong motor life. It will basically turn the motor off when the trigger is released even when the main power button is on. Weighing in at 31lbs fitted with two sturdy wheels & a place to hold everything from the pressure hose & power cord to the nozzles & detergent tanks. All are nicely fitted & are easy to carry & move around. The wheels are sturdy & can easily go on concrete as well as on softer grounds. Other features include 35-foot power cord, garden hose adaptor & manual trigger lock which can prevent any unfortunate or haphazard triggering. SPX 3000 is CSA listed & is GFCI approved to prevent any sort of electrocution on wet areas.

“A versatile power house of a machine.” SPX 3000 can be summed in one sentence.


Anybody or anyone can buy the Sun Joe’s SPX 3000. It will help you clean wooden decks, patios, outdoor furniture, concrete drive way, cars, trucks, boats etc. It will remove all kind of strong or mildew stains, tar, paints, rusts to mud cakes. Other than cleaning all the dirt from your outdoors you can use the pressure washer for to spray bug or mosquito killer solution over a small area. Also solutions for grass or plants can be used to spray on your backyard garden.

Considering the hard work & time that has to be allocated every time for cleaning our outdoors, a product priced at $145.72 with the ability to clean all sorts of places with any sort of stains will be a blessing. It is not very hard on pockets too.

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SUN JOE SPX 3000 Key Features


For a standard pressure washer SPX 3000 is having a monster of motor. Housing an 1800watt or 14.5amp motor, producing a 2030 PSI & throwing out 1.76 GPM of water flow, having a stunning CU of 3572.8. Form strong or mildew stains, tar to mud cake in your patios, drive way to cars it can handle all stains in all areas. With the long 34” long extension spray wand it is easy to reach places which is hard to imagine with scrubbers.


The best part of SPX 3000 is the ease of use, everything from the power cord, pressure hose to the nozzle tips & detergent tanks fits right in the machine. The handle is up to the waist height & wont require bending down to move the unit as a whole. Weighing in at 31lbs & fitted with two sturdy wheels which works well in all hard & soft surfaces. Made up of strong plastic & doesn’t feel flimsy. Comes in four colors Green, Black, Blue & Red which looks bright & good.


Fitted with two 0.9 liters detergent tanks, can hold two different solutions & can be used simultaneously. Selecting of solutions is easy & is done with spinning a knob clockwise or anticlockwise situated right above the tanks.


Comes with five different nozzle tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap) which can be clipped on or removed easily. Tips are clearly marked on both sides & are colored differently. You can change the tips depending on the pressure needed & the cleaning surface. 00 nozzle tip has the most pressure & 450 tip being the lowest one.

  • 0 Degree Nozzle: Best for concentrated areas to remove stains, tar, mud cake & dirt
  • 15 Degree Nozzle: Best to clean marks from a hard object to strip off paints, rusts etc.
  • 25 Degree Nozzle: Best for home siding, driveways, patios etc.
  • 45 Degree Nozzle: Best for Cars, Furniture etc.
  • Soap Nozzle: Used to spray soap on all surfaces.

NOTE: For spraying soap, soap nozzle has to be clipped on. Should not be sprayed on skin, as it can tear it off.


SPX 3000 comes with TSS or Total Stop System which works seamlessly. It turns the motor off when ever the trigger is not engaged even when the main power adopter is connected. It is a handy feature which saves power as well as prolong motor life.

Other safety features include GFCI approved power cord which is shock proof even in wet areas. So don’t worry about getting your power cord wet.

Lastly it also has manual trigger lock, which prevent unfortunate or haphazard triggering.


  • NOZZLE TIPS: On one hand different tips provide a lot of utility but are made up of plastic which can make them tricky some times. If mishandled it can break off.
  • PRESSURE HOSE: SPX 3000 is fitted with a long 20’ pressure hose, even though if you want to change it to a longer one it can be tricky as the original hose comes with a proprietary fit with a common size. Make sure, if you need the power hose to be changed the aftermarket one fits the spray gun & the main motor properly.
  • TWO WHEELS: Since it has two wheels to move it around, the attachment of the pressure hose sometimes hit the ground while moving the whole unit.


  • AR BLUE CLEAN AR383, 1900 PSI, 1.5 GPM, CU of 2850 priced at $90.56
  • Greenworks 1700 PSI, 1.2 GPM CU of 2040 priced at $97.99


Priced at $127.76 in Amazon with 2 years of warranty, it is one of the best buy. A handy machine, tailored for all round use. A gem of a motor making 2030 PSI throwing out 1.76 GPM, capable of cleaning your driveway, backyard, cars, boats, trucks, side walls etc. It can clean off strong stains, tars, rusts, oil to mud cakes.

Dual detergent tank of .9 litres can hold different solutions at the same time & can be used simultaneously. Five different nozzles do everything one can expect from a pressure washer. TSS works seamlessly & is a great feature to have on board. No more grimes, no more frowns & more happiness is what SPX 3000 stands for. Comment down below if you have any more reviews or features that is worth mentioning. this is best pressure washer in the market.