AC 2000W is the one of the best electric pressure washer, specifically designed for residential use with complete comfort. This best electric pressure washer deals with plenty of programs that are most eligible for you to give maximum comfort while using this device. It has number of belonging that will clean the cars, patios, debris, dust and stonework. RAC 2000 W electric pressure washer is ideal for all people who like to have their home clean without using harsh chemicals. This electric pressure washer is good in cleaning the tough areas in natural way. It is the good alternative to clean the dirt, debris and grime of the interior or exterior of the house and ultimately makes it more beautiful. You will be glad that you are the owner of tranquil and neat and clean garden and you will not forget the contribution of the RAC 2000 W electric pressure washer. check also the detail review Bosch Aquatek.

Features of RAC 2000 W Pressure Washer

The good features determine the peculiarity and individuality of the device. The same you can consider about RAC pressure washer. It has its own speciality and offers numerous cleaning accessories that give striking result on home and lawn. Check all the essential features and they are remarkable to give extra advantages to use it.

Powerful Motor

RAC has 2000 W powered motor to make a best use of the machine. For a prolonged motor, you need not to indulge in maintenance lengthy process. You can go for the overuse and motor will not burn soon. This is comparatively fine for daily use in car washing and result will be great as the motor of the device will remain safe from any hazards.


RAC has a superb design as it is made up of good quality plastic with aluminium pump and color combination is trendy that makes it desirable. It is compact and lightweight and apart from this there are many things you will adore when it comes to its design. Everything is well placed and you need not to bother when it comes to lift the device even. Though there is good pair of strong wheel for the comfortable transportation. You can see plug-in and plug-out is also located in exact place to make you use it comfortably. Overall it is designed in a manner that makes your cleaning task a piece of cake.

Auto Stop Function

Auto top function is quite handy. It saves you from accidents otherwise sometimes it happens that when your machine is running continuously uselessly. With the auto stop function, you can use the machine when you wish to apart from use it is idle or stop. In that case you can use this device confidently.

5 m Hose and 5 m power cable

Without making movement of the machine you can reach to the farthest areas with the help of 5m long power cable. So cleaning will never be burden for you. It has 5 m hose as well for the unmatched support while cleaning your lawn or car.

Wheeled Chassis

With the support of wheeled chassis you can go to the targeted place of cleaning as the machine is lightweight also so you can pull it effortlessly to cover any portion of the lawn and car…

Jet Washer

Jet washer is stupendous when it comes to its performance. It shows no carelessness by leaving your lawn and car in mediocre condition. No grime and stain you can see after using jet washer as it is so forceful that gives desirable pressure with setting as per your requirement. With the help of Jet washer you can gain the number of cleaning options to make your cleaning experience smoother and faster. It includes turbo lance, fixed brush, rotary brush, patio cleaner, soap dispensing bottle and high pressure lance.

Fixed Brush and Rotary Brush

Fixed brush and rotary brush is designed to widen your cleaning option. You can change it as per your convenience and requirement. Cleaning cannot ever be as easy as this jet washer can give it to your lawn or car. You can detach it or attach it and I bet it will not be time consuming for you also.

Soap Dispensing Bottle and Patio Cleaner

You can store soapy water in soap dispensing bottle for the good supply and throw through the spray of the jet washer. That solution is safe inside and you can use it after 1 or 2 hour gap also. Patio cleaner is good alternative as the accessories of the jet washer. It leaves no place untidy or full of grime.

High pressure lance

High pressure lance is designed purposely for the stubborn stain and if you will use it you will find positive response from this accessory. It is highly powerful and no stain or dirt can be saved with the use of High pressure lance. It gives the full flow to the soapy water that makes user tension free. It ensures professional cleaning at home. What else you can ask for your lawn and car.

You can see that jet washer is packed with wide range of things to complete your cleaning task as there will be no incompleteness in your work or in your result.

Adjustable Spray

Adjustable spray is designed to give different range of flow of water to remove the stain or grime. All you need to understand the nature of the grime or stain and with that consent you will use spray for more deep cleaning or surface cleaning. It is just as per the condition of stain or grime. One thing is sure that you will get impressive result in that way that you want to do most of your house cleaning task with this properly crafted spray pressure washer.

Low water consumption

This electric pressure washer is so innovative that you cannot go wrong in choosing it. You might be thing that this pressure washer has many features and it will takes good amount of water with the pressure of the water. But this is just contrary to your conception as it takes less water of the tank without compromising in the cleaning process. Even it can effectively clean the long pathway without being failed. The machine is powerful; it will leave no areas uncovered with the use of it. In no time without consuming adequate water it can give professional touch and feel of the cleaning.

Easy Assembly

You must be misjudging this pressure washer by thinking that its assembling will be tougher and time consuming. But it is just contrary to your beliefs or thinking. It takes 10 to 15 min to make the device ready to use. All the cleaning accessories and other basic accessories will be installed in no time. Whether you devote your time in reading manuals or without help you are assembling all the parts of the machine, it ensures perfect fitting that will not come out easily.


The one year of warranty is for formality or for the sake of making you feel secured. But the reality is that you are already on safer side when you are buying durable RAC pressure washer for you. It will sustain its beauty, newness and performance for long.

Durable and Long Life

This pressure washer is not something that will break down with 10 to 15 times use. It will stay much longer with you than you expected. Form motor to virtuous pump everything is quite durable and remarks that it will stay longer and will keep nurturing your home and lawn by giving it great looks. Do not forget to check the Karcher K5 review.

Final Words

If you want the company of good pressure washer that is good in performance and guarantee the responsive key features functions then this pressure washer named RAC 2000 W is for you. Needless to give much emphasis on your mind, if you have RAC 2000 W pressure washer with you. You can get this stunning device at the cheapest price from Amazon and wide range of collection with availability of different colors will surprising element for you. With the price of $119.99 you are getting most of the advantageous things and there will be no fear of damages with time or accidents. Own it now to make difference in your life by bringing one of the best pressure washers in the form of RAC 2000 W device.