Bosch Aquatek 35-12 Pressure Washer is indeed helpful in making your car, bike, patios, lawn and furniture shiny, neat and clean. You will see in home, car, furniture, lawn and other areas of your home is mess with color, mud, mildew and other dirt and pollution. This pressure washer, in no time does cleaning job with huge effectiveness. There is most of the family and home owner still unfamiliar with pressure washer and its goodness. It removes stubborn stain and debris of your lawn and car with full carefulness. It takes the full custody of cleaning your car, bike, home and other stuffs so I have all the reason to recommend you Bosch AQT 35-12 pressure washer.

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Particularly, Bosch Aquatek is highly actionable for the outdoor projects that need high power cleaning. In that case only good brand pressure washer can clean your garden or car with its rigid pressure of water.

Why you should go for Bosch AQT 35-12 pressure washer?

Selecting the right pressure washer is not so easy task. But with fervent information you can be the owner of right pressure washer for you. First of all, you need to be aware of your cleaning goal so you will not be confusing in your purchase decision. In that case Bosch Aquatek 35-12 pressure washer is having convenient operation and it solves your cleaning purpose of different areas. For the wide range of cleaning, the Bosch Aquatek 35-12 is perfect fit. This machine is easy to handle and it is comparatively lightweight. The function of auto-stop saves energy and maintains the comfort level for the users. The device is quite flexible and gives plenty of option to users to get along. Get some more idea about Bosch AQT 35-12 pressure washer.

Easy Operation

Almost all the pressure washer act similarly. As the device is compact in size and lightweight so eligibility of the making it move to and from become easier and comfortable. The machine weight is 5.5 kg and the adjustable handle and flexible wheel make it more movable. Taking the device from one place to another will not be headache. Its weight will not stand in the way of your cleaning job, even female can easily shift this device from lawn to home and vice versa.

Design and performance

AQT 35-12 sports 3 in one nozzle that ensures high pressure fan for ordinary cleaning. There is detergent nozzle that you can keep it inside and detergent water flow will come out with ease. Its pressure is adjustable as per your use. If you want deep cleaning of your car or lawn then you can increase the water pressure so cleaning will be faster and effective. You need to maintain the pressure of the water to that level that it will not take out the paint of your car. The pressurized water will come out through hose and released through a wand. Its interchangeable nozzle comes in different shapes so wand delivers the spray of the water for different and difficult areas. It is available in 90 degree angled nozzle, suction nozzle, patio cleaner and drains hose cleaner.

Powerful Motor

The Bosch AQT 35-12 pressure washer boasts 1500 watt motor and its maximum capacity of the pressure is 120 bars. Its flow rate is 350 l per hour so cleaning is faster in case of cars, garden, furniture, patios etc comparatively. Its pump is durable and gives your garden or car high cleaning action.

Less assembly required

This pressure washer does not let you involve in lengthy assembly process. Once you bring it home, you need to unpack it and set up the lance and hose. Now, switch it on for the use. You can see with the 2 or 3 steps you are ready to use this device. You will not involve in wasting your energy as this pressure washer will do cleaning on your behalf, only you need to move your hand.


It takes care of your full safety. This machine will not let you compromise as far as your safety is concerned. Whether you are taking your machine out for the outdoor cleaning or you are using at home, this pressure washer does not easily become hot while using it for long hours. But you need to be little cautious while operating Aquatek 35-12 like you are wearing clothes that is waterproof or make sure that your shoes are non-slippery. You can check some breathable points of cleaning tips in that way you will not encounter any issues while operating Aquatek 35-12.

Cleaning Tips with Bosch AQT 35-12

By following few checklists for cleaning with Aquatek 35-12:

  • When you are using the machine then hold the sprayer nozzle 4 to 5 feet from the surface so it will not make it wet.
  • There is wide range of pattern then use among them wide spray pattern to avoid splashing of the water here and there.
  • For the consistency in the flow of water for cleaning, you need to move the nozzle then spray it.
  • Prevent yourself from standing at one place otherwise cleaning will not be up to the mark.
  • Wash your car or garden with by making a solution of detergent and water to remove stain.
  • You need to move the nozzle time to time for better cleaning.
  • There is turbo nozzle for extra dirt and grime removal.
  • Start cleaning from the bottom to top.
  • For the tough areas, the use of narrow spray will exclude more pressure so cleaning would be easier.
  • Make a section first for cleaning anything, if you are finished with one area then go for another area to clean.
  • Once you have done your cleaning, turn off your pressure washer and keep it in the safe place of your house or lawn.
  • Make sure before turning off your Aquatek 35-12 that water is drained through the hose completely to keep the pump more durable.
  • Avoid spraying the water at the electrical outlets.


Before buying Bosch Aquatek 35-12 pressure washer you can take its eligibility test on the store or when you are ordering it online then if you do not like the device you can return it with cash back. But I bet this will not happen in reality as the device is super cool and perfect for multi-purpose use. This pressure washer is outstanding in cut all grimes in short span of time. This machine is eligible for both home and shop use both. The flexibility in high pressure hose, different nozzles and pro style steel spray wand, detergent tank and storage for spray gun and more is way to go with Aquatek 35-12. It can handle the light commercial, residential, and professional cleaning as well. If you know your purpose of using your pressure washer then do not think twice in buying Aquatek 35-12 as it is perfect fit for different kind of cleaning job.