If you want to renew your home, car, bike etc and its exterior appearance then buy best Pressure washer for yourself. It is considered to be the most affordable way of cleaning. It is not worthy in tough cleaning only but it also offers variety of contaminants such as dirt, mold, hose, mildew and algae which prevent you from bacteria and let you feel fresh air.

best pressure washer

There are plenty of people who still do not know about best pressure washer. In short it is used in car washing, outdoor furniture, grills, plastic play sets, tiny decks and patios.

Do read the list of best pressure washer 2017 and shortlist your preferences, whether you like lightweight, compact size, flexible high-pressure hose, ample of nozzles, pro-style steel spray wand, detergent tank, storage for spray gun, wand, nozzles, hose and power cord. There are varieties of options is open to you and now it’s your turn to make smart choice as per your need.

List of Best Pressure Washer 2017

1. Bosch Aquatak DIY High Pressure Washer 35-12

The availability of three shapes and sizes in this range and it gives sufficient power and mobility for easy cleaning of the stuff you want to like from your car to your patio. This mid-range carries comfy three in one nozzle for low pressure soap manual. It includes rotary jet and fan options, which is quite easy to install and make it worthy for your purpose.

2. Karcher K2 Compact 

 This pressure washer is for those who are looking for the cheap and best solution for cleaning their cars. Cleaning your car is not just cake walk so for the tough cleaning like patio or decking, it is better to buy best pressure washers with extra attachments. So, your car will meet the high pressure cleaning without losing its paint shade. It is coming in £15.

3. Briggs & Stratton 2000 Pressure Washer review

This pressure power gives ultimate result of cleaning that delivers up to 75 times better power than an usual garden nose and blasts away dirt, moss and mould. This machine is good in longevity that will last for years with warranty. I am not surprised with the fact that it runs through petrol fuel and it is the world’s largest manufacturer of petrol powered engines.

4. Karcher K4 Compact Home

This best Pressure Washer is splendidly powerful and automatically good in performance as well. This pressure washer goes on that area where you may find tough to clean. Its handling is superb, easy and comfortable to use. As compare to other pressure washer this is heavier and larger. So, car cleaning is far easier than this powerful and durable device. It is tough to clean hose and cable but it is feasibly done with bottled detergents which easily fit into it. before buying, read our pressure washer review for better use.

5. RAC 2000W Pressure Washer review

This pressure washer is compact, lightweight pressure and it is incredibly powerful which cleans easily without wasting much time. Its function is to washing stone work to caravans and from decking to cars and bikes. It is smart enough in removing dirt and grime without the chemicals application over the car. The inclusion of oodles of accessories and there is attachments specifically for every purpose.

6. Stihl RE98 Entry Level Cold Water Pressure Washer Cleaner

It latest design is enthralling and easy to use which is applicable to stay away from most stubborn dirt. The inclusion of easy attachment spray set flaunts that you can put detergent into your spray. Its variable pressure fan jet nozzle gives you stunning cleaning by covering the targeted area. After use all the attachments can be gathered without making lot of effort.

7. Black & Decker 170W0 SPM Plus

Its accessories is having the detergent bottle, inlet with water filter, brush, gun, turbo lance and fixed brush patio cleaner. All are essentially important for the perfect cleaning of your car. With this powerful machine you cannot be disappointed and the options are immense.

8. Draper Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature

Whatever is your preferences of your use, whether you want to clean a car, caravan, motorbike, driveway, home or boat, this will surely live upto your expectations without fail. Its total stop valve promotes its durability and save power consumption by automatically activating and deactivating the high pressure cleaning. When it comes to its pump then its strength is matchless.

9. Nilfisk E 140.3-9 X-TRA 2.1KW Induction Motor

This brand has good authority in the land of pressure washers.  All its models are versatile but the top model is at its best in performance. It has soft feed hose that stores away conveniently.  Its accessories are well-equipped and all are usable. The feature of auto start or stop system gives the longevity to the pump life as well so it can last for many years to come.

Final words About Pressure washers

Whether you go any of the above lists one this determined that performance wise all are incredibly good and very performance-oriented. But, when it comes to choose the best then I would go for Karcher K4 Compact Home,  Bosch Aquatak DIY High Pressure Washer 35-12 amd more .

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Stay tuned with me as I will be coming with more details about the best pressure washer. Share your experience after buying.